Number of injured in Catalonia increased to 844

  • Number of injured in Catalonia increased to 844

Barcelona: The Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia reported that 844 people had already applied to medical institutions for assistance after collisions with the Spanish police during a local referendum on the independence of the north-eastern region.

According to the Department, most of the victims turned to the hospitals in the cities of Barcelona and Girona for help.

Today, on October 1, the Catalan authorities holded a referendum on independence from Madrid.

The police used rubber bullets and special means against the voters, and also by force draws residents from polling stations, using physical force. On the part of the police, 33 law enforcers were injured.

In turn, the president of the Government of the Catalonia region Carles Puigdemont said that the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain are using violence against the voters. The Spanish police seized several ballot boxes for a referendum in Terragona and other cities in Catalonia.

The Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy said that there was no referendum.

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