In Madagascar 20 people died because of plague

  • In Madagascar 20 people died because of plague

New York: Due to the outbreak of the plague in Madagascar, 20 people died within a month, another 84 people were infected, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

"The overall risk of further spread of the disease at the national level is high," the WHO statement says.

The spokesman of the organization Tarik Jasarevich said that the affected areas include the capital Antananarivo, as well as the port cities of Mahegenga and Toamasina.

Madagascar suffers from outbreaks of the plague each year, beginning in 1980. It is caused by rats who resort to densely populated slums, fleeing from forest fires.

The plague is an acute natural focal infectious disease of a group of quarantine infections, occurring with an exceptionally severe general condition, fever, lymph nodes, lungs and other internal organs, often with the development of sepsis. The disease is characterized by high lethality and extremely high infectiousness.

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