Due to threat of eruption of volcano Agung in Bali, 50,000 people were evacuated

  • Due to threat of eruption of volcano Agung in Bali 50000 people were evacuated

Kyiv: In anticipation of the eruption of the volcano Agung on the island of Bali, the territory around the crater of the volcano has left more than 50 thousand people

According to seismologists, the volcanic crisis of Agunga continues, and it is not yet possible to predict whether an eruption will occur. According to Volcanodiscovery, the level of danger of the volcano remains at the highest point - 4, in the color scale it is the level "red".

Due to the eruption threat, the radius of alienation around the crater is increased to 12 kilometers, and about 60,000 people live in this zone. Already more than 50 thousand inhabitants have been evacuated from a dangerous territory.

Increased vigilance of residents is associated with the tragic death of more than a thousand people in 1963, when the last most violent volcanic eruption occurred.

Tourists visiting Bali should be vigilant about the situation, since a possible eruption is likely to affect the availability of the flight to and from Bali airport due to ash trails.

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