The richest woman in world died

  • The richest woman in world died

Paris: The world's riches twoman died, the daughter of L'Oréal founder Lillian Betancourt.

As relatives reported, Betancourt died on September 21 at the age of 94.

Bettancourt was the richest woman in the world, also ranked 11th in the general list of Forbes. She owned a 33% stake in L'Oréal, inherited from her father and the sole founder of the company Eugene Schuller.

Lilian Betancourt was born in 1922 in the family of the French chemist Eugene Schulle. In 1909 he founded the cosmetic company L'Oreal. In 1957, Lillian Bettancourt inherited L'Oréal after his father's death, becoming the company's principal shareholder. In 1963, the company became public, although Bettancourt retained a controlling stake. In 1974, she exchanged almost half her share for a three percent stake in Nestlé.

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