Ukraine will create a billing system for commercial charging of electric vehicles

  • Ukraine will create a billing system for commercial charging of electric vehicles

Kyiv: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has allocated funding for the development and introduction of a billing system in Ukraine for organizing commercial services for charging electric vehicles within the framework of the competitive program "Climatic Innovative Vouchers" (KIW), the correspondent of Front News International reports.

The developers will be the companies Electrocars and Luxsoft, who became one of the winners of the first contest of KVW, the results of which were announced on September 20 at a ceremony attended by the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan and the Chief of the Operation Department of the European Union Office in Ukraine Johannes Bauer.

"I do not want Ukraine to be an agrarian country, I do not want us to go to work. We have everything we need for the 4th industrial revolution - these are the brains. Brains are one of the best in the world. We must cultivate this, we must force the government, including me, to work for citizens, "said Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan.

According to him, the Ministry of Infrastructure is working to support the introduction of electric vehicles, as well as the development of the digital infrastructure and promote the development of the economy of data, which is also an urgent task on the agenda in the European Union.

 "We all understand that for the development of the market of electric vehicles in Ukraine, infrastructure is needed. Now in Ukraine there are many companies that would like to install 1, 2.5, 10 charging stations and have financing, but they are faced with problems of measuring the amount of electricity, billing and receiving payment from consumers. That's why, together with Luxsoft, we are going to develop a billing system that will make it very easy to connect charging stations, as well as to electric vehicle owners - it's very easy to charge and pay for consumed electricity, "said Andrey Kovalev, the director of Electrocars.

Let his opinion, the implementation of the billing system significantly accelerate the development of the infrastructure of electric vehicles in Ukraine and the growth in the number of users of electric vehicles.

The EBRD provided irrevocable grant financing to six Ukrainian companies under the "Climate Innovation Vouchers" program to develop their innovative projects aimed at developing and implementing climate technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment.

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