Le Pen's closest associate left "National Front"

  • Le Pens closest associate left National Front

Paris: Vice President of the French political party Marin Le Pen "National Front" Florian Filippo resigned.

"I was told that I'm no vice president: I have no sense of humor, no taste at all. I left the National Front, "Filippo told France2.

Florian Filippo was actually the second person of the party "National Front". He was appointed one of the vice-presidents of the party in 2012. As early as 2011, he was the strategic director of the electoral headquarters of Marin Le Pen.

The founder of the National Front party and its honorary chairman, Jean-Marie Le Pen, believes that after the organization's unsuccessful appearance at the elections, its leader, his daughter, Marin Le Pen should leave this post.

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