Russian military held exercises in occupied Abkhazia

  • Russian military held exercises in occupied Abkhazia

Moscow: Russian and Abkhazian servicemen conducted joint military exercises, during which they worked out the destruction of the command posts of the conventional enemy.

As part of the reconnaissance and fire contours, servicemen of the units of the Russian military base of South Ossetia in occupied Abkhazia and the armed forces of Abkhazia worked out the field exit of the missile troops and artillery of the military district. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The study took place at the Nagvalow and Tsabali training grounds. In close cooperation, the servicemen worked out tasks to defeat the distant objects of the conventional enemy from the guns of the multiple-launch rocket systems Grad. The artillery was also defeated using 152-mm self-propelled artillery pieces "Acacia", 122 mm D-30 howitzers and 120-mm mortars "Sledge".

Scouts, signalmen and servicemen of computations of unmanned aerial vehicles of the Russian connection carried out their tasks for the intended purpose at the exercises. In total, up to 100 specifications were developed for reconnaissance of the terrain in order to detect a conventional enemy.

In total, more than 500 Russian and Abkhazian servicemen took part in the tactical training, about 100 units of weapons and military equipment were involved.

On Wednesday, September 20, military exercises "West-2017" ended in Belarus. The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Poland, Antony Matsevich, called the joint military exercises of the Russian and Belarusian military "West-2017" the most aggressive and insulting in the last 30 years.

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