At exercises of "West-2017", helicopter got a rocket in civil (video)

  • At exercises of West-2017 helicopter got a rocket in civil video

St. Petersburg: During the exercises "West-2017" at the "Luzhsky" training ground near St. Petersburg, a combat helicopter fired a missile into civilians.

The video shows how several vehicles are located near the place where the missile hits and a person passes by. Also after the shot, the operator suffered.

According to the source of the publication 66.ru, two people were seriously injured by the splinters, they are in the hospital. It is also reported that two cars are damaged.

The military exercise "West-2017" is held in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and Russia with the participation of the troops of the Russian Federation from September 14 to September 20 and will be the final stage of joint training of the armed forces of Belarus and Russia in 2017. From the Ukrainian side, two verifiers will observe the exercises.

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