During protests in US detained more than 80 people

  • During protests in US detained more than 80 people

St. Louis: More than 80 people were arrested during the protests in the American St. Louis. The demonstrators opposed the acquittal of a policeman who shot and killed an African American.

As reported in the police, the protesters staged riots in the streets, threw stones, beat windows and tried to block several roads. In response, law enforcement officers used tear gas.

According to the latest information, as a result of the collision, at least ten police officers were injured. Also, the police seized weapons from the demonstrators, including pistols, and plastic spray bottles with an unknown chemical substance. According to Reuters, more than 80 people were detained.

Protests began on Friday, September 15, after the court acquitted former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley, who in 2011 killed 24-year-old African American Anthony Lamar Smith. The African American, in particular, was suspected of involvement in the distribution of drugs and tried to hide from the police by car. During the detention, policeman Jason Stockley fired five shots at Smith, from which he died on the spot.

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