National Police specified number of victims of fire in children's camp

  • National Police specified number of victims of fire in childrens camp

Odessa: As a result of the fire in the children's health camp "Victoria", two children were killed, three were injured of varying severity, another child was missing, an adviser to the chairman of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Odessa region, Ruslan Forostyak, told Front News International.

"This is a massive tragedy for the whole of Odessa and not only. Two children were killed, one was missing. Now investigative actions of a different nature are continuing, a set of actions to find this child. The girl is wanted in a dump, on an ashes, on the territories adjacent to the camp, on recreation bases, even announced her on wanted list through social networks. There is a weak hope that she just got scared and hid somewhere. In addition, another 3 children were injured during the evacuation - one was seriously injured, there was a suspicion of a broken spine, but this was a bruise, two children were poisoned by combustion products, but not much, no intoxication. There is no threat to life and health," he said.

Information about the causes of the fire is not yet, while the investigative actions are continuing.

On the fact of fire in the children's camp, open criminal proceedings on the grounds of Part 2 of Art. 270 of the Criminal Code "Violation of fire safety requirements established by the legislation".

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa, as a result of a fire in the camp, two children were killed. The area of ​​the fire was more than 500 square meters. The fire and its consequences were eliminated by 40 people and 9 units of fire equipment.

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