Groysman called breakthrough of border on "Shegini" attack on Statehood

  • Groysman called breakthrough of border on Shegini attack on Statehood

Kyiv: Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman considers an attack on Ukrainian statehood the break of the Ukrainian border on the "Shenini", committed on the eve of Mikheil Saakashvili and his supporters, stressing that those involved in the organization of this incident should be held accountable under the law.

"What happened on Sunday in Shegini is not just a violation of the law. In my opinion, this is the beginning of another attack by some of our politicians against Ukrainian statehood. I'm talking about those populist politicians who act on the principle that the worse, the better, "Groysman said.

According to the Prime Minister, now the time has come when, based on the first results of the normalization of the situation, it is possible to make changes in the country irrevocable. Therefore, we should expect attempts to destabilize those who are not interested in the success of Ukraine. He also urged politicians "not to untwist the flywheel of destruction and chaos."

"Today is the time to fight not for power, but for the state," Groisman stressed.

Meanwhile, Mikheil Saakashvili applied to the State Migration Service with a request to grant him the status of a person in need of protection in Ukraine, lawyer Markiyan Galabala said in an exclusive comment to Front News International.

On the eve, on the evening of September 10 Saakashvili got to the territory of Ukraine without the permission of the border guards. This was preceded by clashes between activists and the STAU. A few dozen activists broke through the border guards, blocked access to the checkpoint "Shegini", arguing it by mines.

Saakashvili himself said that he did not break through the border with the group.

During the clashes 11 policemen, 12 fighters of the National Guard of Ukraine and 5 border guards were injured.

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