Trump called Hurricane Irma "a big monster"

  • Trump called Hurricane Irma a big monster

Washington: US President Donald Trump called the hurricane Irma, which covered the state of Florida, a "big monster" and said that he wants to arrive in Florida as soon as possible, reports Reuters.

According to Trump, very soon he will approve a number of emergency measures aimed at protecting people.

"The bad news is that it's some kind of big monster," Trump told reporters in the White House.

"Today we are worried about people's lives, and not about expenses," Trump added, noting that losses are expected to be huge.

Add that on Sunday Trump also issued an order to overcome the consequences of the natural disaster in Puerto Rico and increased the amount of federal funds to overcome the consequences of the disaster in the US Virgin Islands.

He also told reporters that he hopes to soon go to the Florida.

"We will very quickly arrive in Florida," Trump said.

Earlier it was reported that the hurricane "Irma" reached the southeast coast of Florida and caused floods and short-term tornadoes.

Also, because of the hurricane without electricity in Florida there were more than 2.4 million consumers.

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