In clashes in "Shegini" injured 11 policemen

  • In clashes in Shegini injured 11 policemen

Kyiv: During the mass events at the checkpoint Shegini, in the performance of official duties to ensure the protection of public order, 11 policemen received injuries of varying severity, the press service of the National Police said.

As a result of clashes for medical aid, 11 policemen appealed, of which five were patrol police officers and six were special police regiment soldiers.

"At the scene, the police conduct the necessary priority measures and document the circumstances of the incident. Based on the results of the events, a legal assessment will be given of the actions of each of the participants of the event," the press service noted.

Recall, Saakashvili was on the territory of Ukraine without the permission of the border guards.

This was preceded by clashes between activists and the SBS.

A few dozen activists broke through the border guards, blocked access to the checkpoint "Shegini", arguing it by mines. Activists surrounded former Georgian President Saakashvili, who was in a neutral territory.

A fight broke out between activists and border guards, as a result of which, Saakashvili, surrounded by his supporters, was able to cross the border of Ukraine without customs examination and passport control.

It should be noted that Saakashvili himself in the commentary of the "24 channels" stated that he did not break through the border with the group.

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