US Department of State warns of impending hurricane Irma on Bahamas

  • US Department of State warns of impending hurricane Irma on Bahamas

Nassau: The US State Department published a message for the citizens of the country about the emergency situation in the Bahamas, related to the impending hurricane "Irma" of the 5th category.

According to the State Department, on September 6, the order of departure from the islands for some embassy employees and members of their families from the cities of Nassau and Freeport was approved. Also, planes were chartered for US citizens wishing to leave Nassau. Two charter flights will depart from Linden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) to Nassau in the morning and afternoon on Thursday, September 7th. Seats will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. US citizens wishing to travel by these flights must contact the embassy by e-mail at ACSNassau@state.gov, at https://bs.usembassy.gov or call +1 242 322-1181.

The plane will operate the flight only one way - either to Washington (DC) or to Charleston (South Carolina). Travelers will not be able to choose a destination. Reverse transport and connections will not be provided.

To fly, passengers must fulfill certain conditions. You need to have a passport of a US citizen or a valid visa. Also, passengers need to sign a promissory note for the repayment by the US government of the ticket price.

Customs restrictions will also apply during transportation. For example, it will not be possible to transport a pet. This is possible if the animal is placed under the seat in an airplane or if it is a guide dog.

US citizens traveling or living abroad with pets should provide alternative relocation plans, for example - by commercial transport.

To receive safety messages and facilitate searches in an emergency, US citizens are recommended to enter the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

In Puerto Rico, at least 8 people died as a result of the powerful hurricane Irma.

Following the hurricane "Irma", a new storm "Jose" is moving to the Caribbean islands, which has already become a hurricane - it reached a speed of 75 miles per hour and continues to grow.

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