In South Korea are deployed 4 anti-missile THAAD installations

  • In South Korea are deployed 4 anti-missile THAAD installations

Seoul: On Thursday, September 7, in South Korea, 4 additional launchers of the US missile defense system THAAD were deployed. According to media reports, more than 30 demonstrators suffered during the dispersal of the protest, which blocked the road for military equipment.

Additional missile launchers met hundreds of demonstrators opposed to the presence of US military equipment. As reported by Reuters, more than 30 people were injured when about 8,000 South Korean policemen dispersed the blockade of about 300 villagers and activists opposed to the deployment of the THAAD system.

The protesters ran into the police when they tried to block the road by which American troops transported four additional launchers to a military base in Songju, about 300 kilometers (186 miles) south of Seoul. In May, two launching complexes of THAAD interceptor missiles were deployed at this site.

Against the deployment of THAAD also advocated peace, which held rallies in Seoul and other cities, warning that this could lead to an escalation of tension with North Korea.

In North Korea on September 3, they announced the successful testing of the hydrogen bomb. These tests have caused on the territory of the DPRK an earthquake of magnitude 6.3. Subsequently, South Korean soldiers said that North Korea is again preparing to launch ballistic missiles.

The test of the new bomb along with a series of launches of ballistic missiles showed that Pyongyang is close to achieving its goal of creating a powerful nuclear weapon that can reach the territory of the United States.

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