In Sudan heavy rains led to new floods

  • In Sudan heavy rains led to new floods

Khartoum: Extreme rainfall in Sudan has led to flooding and there is a need to evacuate people from settlements located in river valleys. The water level in the rivers has increased significantly in the states of Sennar and El-Gedarif, local media reported.

According to radio Dabanga, due to heavy rains in the states of Sennar and El-Gedrif, the level of water in the rivers began to grow sharply and they left the banks.

Representatives of the local police and the Emergency Committee at El-Gedarif appealed to residents to stay away from low places that are vulnerable to floods. The Committee also requested the assistance of the central authorities, in particular to provide excavators and other equipment, as well as humanitarian assistance in the form of temporary housing, food and medicine for flood victims on the Rahad River.

In addition, in the state of Darfur, heavy rains, which began in mid-June, led to prolonged floods in several areas. Heavy rains and subsequent sudden floods either destroyed or damaged 2,000 homes in North and South Darfur, affecting more than 10,000 people. In total, in northern Sudan, floods in this season affected 42 thousand people.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring state - Southern Sudan - armed conflict continues.

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