Hurricane Harvey increased to 4th category

  • Hurricane Harvey increased to 4th category

Washington: Hurricane Harvey increased to 4 categories, the National Hurricane Center reported.

"Hurricane Harvey continues to grow stronger and now has reached category 4 with a maximum sustained wind of 130 mph (210 km / h)," the report said.

On the scale of hurricanes, category 4 is called "huge", that is, the consequences can be very destructive.

According to the UN, Harvey can become the most powerful hurricane that has reached the US since 2008. It is very likely that Harvey will bring torrential rains and storm surge, representing a deadly danger.

US President Donald Trump held a meeting with US officials on Hurricane Harvey.

The Governor of Texas asked for help from Trump in connection with Hurricane Harvey on Friday, August 25.

Earlier it was reported that US President Donald Trump discussed Hurricane Harvey with the governors of Texas and Louisiana.

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