Number of deaths in Sierra Leone exceeded 400 people

  • Number of deaths in Sierra Leone exceeded 400 people

Geneva: The number of landslide victims in the West African country of Sierra Leone has exceeded 400 people, including 105 children.

"Of the more than 400 bodies found, 105 are children," the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent reported.

The Organization stated that another 600 people remain missing and over three thousand people were left without housing.

It is also noted that already buried 320 dead bodies.

In the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown, heavy rains led to large-scale landslides, which resulted in the death of hundreds of people. Also destroyed were residential houses, roads and other infrastructure facilities were destroyed.

The UN also noted that several countries have already expressed their willingness to provide financial and humanitarian support to Sierra Leone.

"China promised to allocate $ 1 million, and the European Union - 300 thousand euros," the statement said.

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