Found severed legs in trash in Rome

  • Found severed legs in trash in Rome

Rome: In the garbage can in Rome, the severed legs of a woman, killed and dismembered by her own brother Maurizio Diotallevi, were found.

"He killed her in the apartment where they lived together. At first he strangled it, and then sawed it with a saw into two parts and threw it into various garbage containers: legs on Marshal Pilsudski Avenue, and another part of the body - per kilometer, "reports Repubblica.

As it became known, the victim was 59-year-old Nicoletta Diotallevi, who lived with her brother, who killed her. The assassin himself told the police that he had killed a woman because her sister had always disposed of their money.

The police interrogated the main suspect about 10 hours, after which he finally confessed to the deed.

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