British ministers criticized Trump's comments on Charlottesville

  • British ministers criticized Trumps comments on Charlottesville

London: British government members, including Justice Minister Sam Jiima, Minister of Community Affairs and Local Government Sajid Javid, expressed dissatisfaction with the statements of Donald Trump that the events in Charlottesville are to blame not only for the white nationalists, but for their opponents.

"Words matter. Silence matters. We must avoid hatred - definitely - for the preservation of a free and tolerant society, for which many fought and died, "wrote Justice Minister Sam Jiima in social networks.

He added that Trump lost his moral authority after he could not call fascism his name.

The Minister for Communities and Local Self-Government Sajid Javid also expressed his discontent.

"Neo-Nazis are bad, anti-Nazis are good. I learned this as a child. And it was quite obvious, "he wrote on Twitter.

The critic was joined by the leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson, saying that Trump disgraced the whole world, defending Nazism and fascism.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump stated that both sides were guilty of the clashes in Charlottesville: both white nationalists and their opponents.

During the action of nationalists in Charlottesville, the car drove into the crowd, as a result, one person was killed. American politicians condemned the violence in the city. In the US Congress also commented on the situation. US President Donald Trump responded to the events in Charlottesville. For the lack of a clear position on nationalistic ideas, several US senators have criticized him.

On Saturday, August 12, in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, there was an action of white nationalists, which allowed local authorities. Human rights activists are dissatisfied with such a decision. A state of emergency was introduced in the city. In the organization "The lives of black people matter," it is claimed that white nationalists constantly commit acts of violence against black Americans.

The number of injured as a result of the collision of the car to the crowd increased to 19 people. Police detained the driver of the car, which hit. Later, three more suspects were detained.

The event caused a significant resonance among the society. Because of the events in Charlottesville, many activists took to the streets, protesting against racism and violence. In particular, similar protests were held in California and under the Trump Tower in New York.

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