Where DPRK can get its missiles

  • Where DPRK can get its missiles

Washington: Over the past year, North Korea's nuclear program has significantly intensified. The infographics explain in detail how the DPRK missile program has expanded, and now it poses a threat not only to neighboring countries but also to the whole world.

At first, the neighbors were threatened

North Korea could only launch short-range missiles for decades, which could reach the territories of neighboring countries, in particular, Japan and South Korea.

Later within the defeat was Guam

After several years of unsuccessful attempts to design a reliable medium-range ballistic missile that can reach US military bases on Guam, the DPRK successfully tested the missile in May this year, it is considered to have sufficient range to reach the Pacific island of Guam.

Now there is a threat to the continental United States

In July, the DPRK first tested the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14. According to a researcher at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey, David Schmerler, the first test showed that the DPRK could get into Alaska or, possibly, San Diego. The second test expanded the range of the zone of defeat to Denver and Chicago.

Experts say that all DPRK intercontinental ballistic missiles were designed to supply nuclear warheads, but it is still unknown how to reduce the nuclear load and the ability of warheads to survive re-entry into the atmosphere.

The government of North Korea said that the DPRK is considering a missile strike plan for four missiles near the American island of Guam, where American military bases are located. Also on Wednesday, August 9, the DPRK declared its readiness to strike a missile strike on the American Guam. The statement came after US President Donald Trump promised to respond with "fire and fury" to North Korea's threats.

The next day, Governor of Guam Eddie Calvo stated that the islanders do not panic because of the threat of a nuclear attack by North Korea. He also called on everyone to "remain calm and live an ordinary life."

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